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Couple caught having sex near children at local park

Sarasota, Florida -- Two people face indecent exposure charges after they were seen having sex at a local park.

The Sarasota Sheriff's Office says on Monday a man was seen walking around the inside of the community center at Nokomis Community Park completely nude before putting on red shorts and riding off on a bicycle.

This morning, deputies were called again to the park after a homeless couple, later identified as 47-year-old Adam Pizzolato and 52-year-old Rita Brunsell, was seen having sex under a gazebo near a playground where children were playing.

Hospital employee caught using dead patient's identity

Sarasota, Florida -- Mere hours after a man passed away in the emergency room of a Sarasota hospital, police say his identity was stolen by a hospital employee.

Sarasota Police say Margaret Nunn admitted to copying down the man's credit card numbers and driver's license information and using them to buy airline tickets, bridal shoes, pay phone bills and other items totaling over $1,100.

Cops: Man threatens driver with gun at drive-thru

Sarasota, Florida -- A man who apparently lost his cool at a McDonald's drive-thru is in jail Friday for aggravated assault.

Sarasota Sheriff's deputies say John Widmann III got upset about how a man pulled into the drive-thru lane and went on a tirade pointing a gun at the man, a McDonald's employee and a group of kids nearby.

During his fit, witnesses say Widmann, 56, also threatened to kill the driver of the car during the heated exchange before driving off in a white Mercedes sedan.

Best/Worst Pet Paparazzi pic yet! (Warning: It may offend)

Best/Worst Pet Paparazzi pic yet! (Warning: It may offend)

"Bruno thinks he's a man...a man with no manners but still a man", says his owner Tony Jimenez of Lutz.

Tony submitted this Pet Paparazzi pic to our 10 News Morning Show crew and it was the talk of the newsroom Monday afternoon.

While maybe not in the best taste, this should undoubtedly brighten everyone's day for a brief moment...and who doesn't deserve a good laugh?!

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Cops: Man exposes himself to beachgoers

Siesta Key, Florida -- Deputies were forced to taser a man during his arrest at Siesta Key Beach Tuesday after witnesses said he exposed himself to children.

Witnesses told police Jason Beles was committing lewd acts and staring directly at two children, 6 and 12 years old, while lounging in his beach chair near Beach Access #1 on North Shell Road. At one point, they said he went into the water, just under waist high, and took off his shorts.

EXTRA: Sarasota man arrested 134 times

Sarasota, Florida - Thomas Edward Fuller, a.k.a. Snake Snake is back behind bars for the 134th time.

Police say Fuller, who was arrested for allegedly breaking into a church, had been released just days earlier from prison.

"He has a history that goes back 33 years, involves 134 criminal charges and 49 convictions," Sarasota Police Captain Paul Sutton told 10 News.

Photo Gallery: The many mug shots of Thomas Fuller

''Kissing'' statue remains overturned in Sarasota

Sarasota, Florida -- Sarasota's famous kissing statue, "Unconditional surrender," is still lying on its side, near where it once stood.

The statue had to come down last week after a woman hit and damaged it. And reports from Sarasota say that lots of folks passing are stopping, even in traffic, to take pictures of the fallen statue on its side.