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''Kissing'' statue remains overturned in Sarasota | Weird

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''Kissing'' statue remains overturned in Sarasota

Sarasota, Florida -- Sarasota's famous kissing statue, "Unconditional surrender," is still lying on its side, near where it once stood.

The statue had to come down last week after a woman hit and damaged it. And reports from Sarasota say that lots of folks passing are stopping, even in traffic, to take pictures of the fallen statue on its side.

Photo Gallery: Car crashes into Sarasota "kissing" sculpture

Two insurance policies should cover the cost to repair the damage to the 26-foot tall sculpture.

Possibly as early as Tuesday, a crane could lift the statue onto a flatbed truck and take it to New Jersey, where Seward Johnson, the statue's artist, can fix it.

Johnson's statue is a larger-than-life recreation of a famous photograph showing a sailor and a nurse kissing passionately during a V-J Day celebration in Times Square at the end of World War II.

No word on how much it will cost to completely repair it.