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Fisherman rescues crash victim's dog | News

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Fisherman rescues crash victim's dog

SARASOTA, Florida -- Rory O'Connor is an avid fisherman and when he visits family in Sarasota he often heads out on a kayak with plenty of poles and hopes. Saturday was no different.

"I would have liked to have caught some Pompano, but I didn't catch any Pompano," O'Connor told 10 News in a phone interview.

Instead of Pompano, O'Connor reeled in a pup. In a video O'Connor posted on You Tube, you can see a dog swimming toward his kayak. When O'Connor pulled the Vizsla aboard, the dog was in bad shape.

"He was in a lot of distress. He was shaking and I thought it was because he was cold, but he was traumatized. He was also pretty beat up. His legs were bloody," says O'Connor.

O'Connor has a dog of his own, so of course he was going to help. He paddled to shore and brought him to a vet. An ID chip located the dog's owner, but it wasn't until O'Connor saw news reports about a woman out jogging with her dog who was killed by a car, that he figured out the dog paddling puzzle.

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Barney is now back at home healing and helping Donna Chen's family heal as well. "This is our one piece, our one link to Donna," says Chen's sister-in-law, Colette MacPhail, cradling Barney in her arms. "For Barney, he's going to have his own adjustments. He's just a piece that came back for us."

O'Connor is now heading back to his home in Washington State. After this unusual fishing trip, he's just thankful he was there to help. "I'm really glad he's back with his family, because they will definitely need him."