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Friends say Sarasota city leaders failed to make deadly intersection safer | News

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Friends say Sarasota city leaders failed to make deadly intersection safer

Sarasota, Florida -- Friends of a Sarasota woman killed in a horrible accident told 10 News they wish the City could have done more to help protect her.

Eleanor Ball, 62, was killed when 24-year-old Jakeilah Weeks was speeding in her car and crashed through her chain link fence, her privacy fence and through her concrete wall into her bedroom where she slept.

It happened on Saturday morning at 3:30 at the T-intersection of Maple Avenue and 31st Street. Weeks was accused of burglarizing her former boyfriend's home moments before the crash. Sarasota police ran after Weeks while she took off in her car going 70 miles per hour into Ball's home.

And Ball's friends say this wasn't the first time cars have run into her home, however Sarasota police and city leaders said the four reports of accidents at the intersection do not say her home was ever involved in an accident.

On Dec. 13, 1996, a vehicle hit her fence.

On Aug. 20, 1998, a vehicle hit another vehicle.

On June 12, 2003, a vehicle hit her fence again.

And on Nov. 11, 2006, a vehicle hit another vehicle.

Ball's next door neighbor, Calvin Bryant said he has boarded up her windows and doors when cars have hit her home before and he did it again this weekend for her.

"She used to say, 'Calvin they missed me again and one of these days they are going to go through my bedroom,' " said Bryant. "Because they were always turning a little bit to the right and would go into the second bedroom which is next to her bedroom."

He built a privacy fence for her after the fourth time it happened, in 2006.

"Do you think that that helped at all?" asked 10 News reporter Danica Lawrence.

"No, they come down through there so fast," responded Bryant.

The City put out a directional sign but that was all that the city engineer deemed necessary for that intersection. The city said since the last accident was eight years ago that does not qualify as a dangerous intersection, if drivers follow the 25 mph speed limit. However, the engineer will review that intersection again.

Weeks is facing several charges including vehicular homicide (for the vehicle into the home) along with burglary, two counts of battery, petit theft, obstruction (in connection to the domestic / burglary).