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Sarasota Police Department recognizes national Stop on Red week | News

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Sarasota Police Department recognizes national Stop on Red week
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Sarasota Police Department recognizes national Stop on Red week

Sarasota, Florida -- The Sarasota Police Department will observe National Stop on Red Week, which runs from August 4 to 10. 

Initiated by the Federal Highway Administration, National Stop on Red Week is dedicated to educating Americans about the dangers of running red lights and to reducing the number and severity of traffic citations and crashes.

Safety at intersections is a concerns for everyone, as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that motorists are more likely to be injured in urban crashes involving red-light running than in other types of urban crashes.    

The City of Sarasota implemented an Intersection Safety Program which utilizes state-of-the-art digital cameras and violation detection systems for the purpose of decreasing violations of the traffic control regulations and reducing collisions.  Program trends show that the number of violations occurring at locations with red-light safety cameras decreases the longer cameras is in use.

"Our goal is to make the roads of Sarasota safer as drivers modify their driving habits and realize they can no longer run red lights," said Sgt. Bryan Graham, Sarasota Police Department.

Always yield to pedestrians as they have the right of way and always come to a full and complete stop before turning right on red. It's the law. Make sure the roadway is clear before proceeding and work with your police officers to improve traffic safety in our community.

Safety is the responsibility of every driver, not just during Stop on Red Week, but every day and every time someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.


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