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New body scanner improves safety at correctional facility | News

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New body scanner improves safety at correctional facility
New body scanner improves safety at correctional facility

Sarasota, Florida -- Inmates being booked into the Sarasota County Correctional Facility will now pass through a new high-tech body scanner to easily detect concealed weapons or drugs.

A SecurPASS RadPRO Virtual Scanner now being used in the intake area of the jail. The scan takes less than eight seconds and produces images that will allow deputies to determine whether inmates are hiding anything in their clothing, hair or body. SecurPASS images do not show anatomical outlines or specific features, and the design of the open scanning portal allows the operator to clearly see the inmate being scanned to avoid “contraband pitching” and improve officer safety.

Pat-downs and manual search techniques will still be used but are limited in their effectiveness. Deputies are further limited by law in the use of strip searches. This technology could eliminate the need for the significant physical intrusion that occurs during an invasive full body cavity search.

There have been instances elsewhere where inmates are intentionally arrested on minor charges (for which a strip search is not allowed) for the sole purpose of bringing contraband into the facility for inmates who are jailed on more serious charges.

“This technology is important for the safety of my staff and the entire jail population,” said Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight. “The addition of this equipment should also serve as a deterrent for anyone considering smuggling contraband into the facility.”