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Sarasota Memorial is named among top 5% for patient safety | Health

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Sarasota Memorial is named among top 5% for patient safety
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Sarasota Memorial is named among top 5% for patient safety

Sarasota, Florida -- Sarasota Memorial Health Care System announced Tuesday it has received HealthGrades’ 2012 Patient Safety Excellence Award which is awarded to the nation's top 5% of hospitals for patient safety.

This is the 9th consecutive year that Sarasota Memorial has received HealthGrades' safety award.

To evaluate patient safety, HealthGrades analyzed millions of hospitalization records from the medicare provider.

The things analyzed in the study are listed include:

•    Death in procedures where mortality is usually very low
•    Pressure or bed sores acquired in hospital
•    Death following a serious complication after surgery
•    Foreign object left in body during a procedure
•    Collapsed lung due to procedure or surgery in or around chest
•    Catheter-related bloodstream infections acquired at hospital
•    Hip fracture following surgery
•    Hemorrhage or hematoma resulting from procedure or surgery
•    Electrolyte and fluid imbalance following surgery
•    Respiratory failure following surgery
•    Deep blood clots in lungs or legs following surgery
•    Sepsis following surgery
•    Breakdown of abdominal incision site

“Delivering safe patient care is not a process, procedure or safety list that you check off at the end of each day – it is a mindset and way of caring for patients every minute of every day that works only with the care and commitment of a competent, cohesive team,” said Sarasota Memorial CEO Gwen MacKenzie in a news release. “The fact that we’ve received this award nine years in a row is a testament to the ongoing dedication of not only our doctors and caregivers, but our entire staff and the volunteers who help attend to the needs of our patients, or support the caregivers providing that care.”

HealthGrades' analysis includes about 40 million hospitalization records from 5,000 hospitals nationwide. This year's study found that Medicare patients were almost 48% less likely to experience one of the 13 preventable safety events.

HealthGrades study states that " If all U.S. hospitals had performed at the level of Sarasota Memorial, about 254,000 patient safety events and 56,367 Medicare deaths could have been avoided from 2008-2010."

Sarasota Memorial also received HealthGrades’ “Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence", Women’s Health Excellence Award, Maternity Care Excellence Award, Emergency Medicine Excellence award and 5-star ratings in 23 specialty areas.

More information on HealthGrades Patient Safety Excellence Award and the ratings methodology is available at HealthGrades.com.

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