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First solar-powered boat in Sarasota | Business

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First solar-powered boat in Sarasota
First solar-powered boat in Sarasota

Sarasota, Florida -- The herons, pelicans and ducks in Sarasota harbor have to make a little room for the new bird-of-the-walk in town: The solar-powered Loon.

The Loon was produced by the Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company based in Rome, NY.

“This is the first time that the public will be able to touch and see a real boat like this” stated company president Montgomery Gisborne.  “Many people are amazed by this watercraft and always ask me what it costs, but I start off by telling them what it doesn’t cost: $5.00 per gallon and a tune-up bill”.  While sailors have enjoyed the free, clean, noiseless, vibration-free ride for millennia, this boat will appeal to individuals and families who want a “point-and-shoot” boat which can be operated on less windy days. 

The boat has many innovative, patented features beyond its unique and efficient solar propulsion system, such as a retractable roof which makes it easier to trailer and store the boat and provides security when the boat is docked.  The style of the boat is very unique and resembles a cross between a catamaran and a pontoon “party barge”.  The size is 22 feet long and it handles ten people, which puts it in a popular class amongst the pontoons which have proliferated Florida’s waterways in the past couple of decades.  

The company is in the city to promote their latest solar boat offering at the Sun Coast Boat Show at Marina Jack’s annual boat show: