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Exchange program sends 6 students to Trinity College Dublin | Arts & Culture

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Exchange program sends 6 students to Trinity College Dublin
Exchange program sends 6 students to Trinity College Dublin

Sarasota, Florida -- This past summer, six rising seniors from Booker High School spent a week at Trinity College Dublin as part of a program sponsored by College for Every Student. The students attended the college in Ireland’s capital city, experiencing the gamut of college life: academic, cultural, social and extra-curricular.

Before they arrived, I thought, we’ll be able to pick them out right away,” laughed Cliona Hannon, director of the Trinity Access Programmes (TAP). “I was amazed at how well they integrated with the Dublin students. It was great for these students, but also for our students to hear about American culture,” said Hannon. “We are excited about this new partnership.”

The experience was made possible by a partnership formed in 2011 at the College for Every Student National Conference in Burlington, Vermont. At the event, CFES joined forces with Trinity College Dublin to benefit students and educators on both sides of the Atlantic.

Trinity College Dublin is the most difficult university in Ireland to get into,” Hannon explained. “For this reason, the college offers a bridging program that helps transition low-income students from secondary to higher education.”

Like CFES, Trinity’s TAP program prepares students academically and personally to gain access to and graduate from the college. 

“We saw a natural fit with Trinity,” said Rick Dalton, CFES president and CEO. “They were exploring ways to help low-income Irish children get to Trinity, and CFES saw a global opportunity for our scholars.”    

We had so much fun with the CFES students from Booker High,” TAP Coordinator Grace Edge commented. “We worked on delivering a learning project over the week that included web design, animation, creative writing, photography and drama.” 

Two Booker students came away saying they were considering applying to Trinity. 

"It is so awesome to be in a city so steeped in history,” wrote Booker High student Erica Janko in her blog post. “Everyone is nice and friendly, the city is beautifully historical, and the food is more familiar than we expected. We’re so lucky to be here. Trinity, I’ll never forget you and I’ll be back!” 

Release courtesy Sarasota County Schools