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Researchers rush for citrus greening cure

Sarasota, Florida -- Time is running out. This year's orange crop in Florida is approaching the fruit's lowest harvest in decades, and the culprit: a deadly bacteria called citrus greening that's infecting the tree. But there is not cure for it so orange trees continue to die, juice prices continue to go up, and farmers continue to go out of business.

Researchers are working around the clock to come up with a solution before the orange industry in Florida is squeezed to death.

Sarasota County may add more EV charging stations

Sarasota, Florida - If it seems there are more electric vehicles on the road, you are right. Sarasota County is seeing the trend, with the third highest number of EV's based on population in the state.

While EV's save money on fuel and help the environment, county leaders see another benefit: helping put a charge back in the economy.

"The money is a great part. The other part is the nimbleness of the vehicle," says Robert Day. He bought his Nissan Leaf three years ago. "It's a fun vehicle to drive," he says.

New Tervis complex is not your normal office

Venice, Florida -- They're crushing the cubicles and creating a place that's probably unlike any office you've ever worked in.

Tuesday is the groundbreaking in Venice for the Tervis Innovation Center.

For generations in Sarasota County, Tervis has made drinkware that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, but this 24,000 square-foot addition is all about the future.

Trapper removes 4 alligators from school campus

OSPREY, Fla. (AP) - Officials say a wildlife trapper removed four alligators from a school campus in one day this week.

Pine View School principal Stephen Covert says alligators have been spotted on the sprawling Osprey campus in the past, but the four that were captured Thursday was an unusually high number.

Covert says the trapper played a mating call from a recorder, removed them from the school and let them go at an unknown location. One of the gators was more than 8 feet long.

Missing Sarasota teens found safe

Sarasota County, Florida -- Two Venice teens that were reported missing by their parents on May 1, have been been found safe.

15-year-old Cheyanne Muecke and 16-year-old Joshua Palmieri were reported missing after they left their school, Sarasota Military Academy, on foot and did not return home on Thursday.

Man gets jail time for tossing hot sauce on dog

SARASOTA, Florida (AP) - A Sarasota judge sentenced a man accused of dousing a puppy with hot sauce to one year in county jail.

On Thursday 47-year-old Ephrian Myles pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges. Circuit Judge Donna Berlin also ordered him to serve 18 months of probation and to complete an anger management course. She told Myles he is not to own a pet or live in a house where there are animals.

FDOT to add 'pedestrian islands' in Sarasota

Sarasota, Florida -- We see it too often maybe. We've done it ourselves. Crossed a busy road dodging traffic instead of walking to the crosswalk and waiting for the light. It may be why Florida leads the nation in pedestrian accidents.

FDOT is trying to make the road safer by adding pedestrian refuge islands along busy roads. One such project is planned for a 3.6-mile stretch of Sarasota along Bee Ridge Road from US 41 to Dunn Road.